Amenazzy ft Rafa Pabon, Noriel – No Recuerdo (Dirty)
Bad Bunny – La Dificil (DJ Ronald Hype Intro) (Dirty)
Bad Bunny – Yo Perreo Sola (Manuel Rivas Hype Intro) (Dirty)
Chimbala ft Juan Magan, Omar Montes & PV Aparataje – Rueda (Remix) (Dirty)
Chucky73 & Fetti031 – Colombiana (Clean)
Chucky73 & Fetti031 – Colombiana (Dirty)
Daddy Yankee ft Wisin & Yandel – Limbo (Remix) (HH Clean Intro)
Daddy Yankee – Limbo (Luzquinos La Despedida Segway) (Dirty)
Dj Scuff & Jaleoo – Trombon (Clean)
DJ Scuff, Jaleoo – Trombon (JEKEY Acap In) (Dirty)
Dj Scuff – Takiti (Clean)
Dj Scuff – Trompeta (Clean)
J Balvin – Amarillo (DJ Serom Angela OG Sample Intro) (Clean)
J Balvin – Amarillo (JEKEY Angela Segway Acap In) (Clean)
J Balvin – Amarillo (JEKEY Angela Segway) (Clean)
J Balvin – Azul (DJ Ronald Sol Playa Y Arena Wordplay Transition) (Clean)
J Balvin – Azul (DJ Ronald Sol Playa Y Arena Wordplay Transition Hip-Hop Intro) (Clean)
J Balvin, Mr Eazi – Arcoiris (JEKEY Guantanamera Wordplay Acap In) (Clean)
J Balvin – Negro (Clean)
Jey Blessing ft La Manta, La Kikada, Big O, Chiki El De La Vaina, Eix & El Citriko – Muevelo (Remix) (Dirty)
JVO The Writer – Coronavirus (DJ Ronald Party Starter) (Clean)
Lenny Tavarez, Justin Quiles – La Pared 360 (DJ Ronald Hype Intro) (Dirty)
Los Solteroski – Solteroski (Dirty)
Lunay ft Myke Towers, Ozuna, Chencho Corleone & Rauw Alejandro – La Cama (Remix) (Dirty)
Omar Montes ft Bad Gyal – Alocao (Dirty)
Rauw Alejandro ft Dalex, Lenny Tavarez & Dimelo Flow – Elegi (Dirty)
Rauw Alejandro – Tattoo (Mambo Remix DJ Ronald Transition 110-97) (Dirty)
Reykon – Perriando (DJ Ronald China Wordplay Transition 105-95) (Dirty)
Rochy RD & El Chuky – La Pampara (Dirty)
Rochy RD – Rumba (Dirty)
Tainy ft Justin Quiles, Dylan Fuentes, Lennox & Llane – TU AMIGA (Clean)
Tego Calderon – Pa Que Retozen (Serg Sniper Re-Drum) (Dirty)
Wisin & Yandel ft Sech – Ganas De Ti (DJ Ronald Acap In & Out) (Clean)

Dinosaur Jr. – Budge
Dinosaur Jr. – Feel the Pain
Dinosaur Jr. – Forget The Swan
Dinosaur Jr. – Freak Scene
Dinosaur Jr. – Goin’ Home
Dinosaur Jr. – Kracked
Dinosaur Jr. – Little Fury Things
Dinosaur Jr. – Out There
Dinosaur Jr. – Puke and Cry
Dinosaur Jr. – Start Choppin’
Dinosaur Jr. – The Lung
Dinosaur Jr. – The Wagon
Guided By Voices – A Visit To The Creep Doctor
Guided By Voices – Can’t Stop
Guided By Voices – Echos Myron
Guided By Voices – Game Of Pricks
Guided By Voices – Hot Freaks
Guided By Voices – Lips Of Steel
Guided By Voices – Old Battery
Guided By Voices – The Great Blake Street Canoe R
Hьsker Dь – Celebrated Summer
Hьsker Dь – Chartered Trips
Hьsker Dь – Don’t Want to Know If You Are
Hьsker Dь – Hardly Getting over It
Hьsker Dь – I Don’t Know for Sure
Hьsker Dь – Makes No Sense At All
Hьsker Dь – Never Talking To You Again
Hьsker Dь – Something I Learned Today
My Bloody Valentine – Come in Alone
My Bloody Valentine – Feed Me with Your Kiss
My Bloody Valentine – I Only Said
My Bloody Valentine – Nothing Much to Lose
My Bloody Valentine – Only Shallow
My Bloody Valentine – Soft as Snow (But Warm Inside)
My Bloody Valentine – Sueisfine
My Bloody Valentine – When You Sleep
Pavement – Black Out
Pavement – Cut Your Hair
Pavement – Elevate Me Later
Pavement – Here
Pavement – Rattled by the Rush
Pavement – Stop Breathin
Pavement – Trigger Cut Wounded-Kite At 1
Pavement – Unfair
Pixies – Alec Eiffel
Pixies – Allison
Pixies – All Over the World
Pixies – Blown Away
Pixies – Break My Body
Pixies – Debaser
Pixies – Gigantic
Pixies – Gouge Away
Pixies – Monkey Gone to Heaven
Pixies – There Goes My Gun
Pixies – Wave of Mutilation
Pixies – Where Is My Mind
R.E.M. – Begin The Begin
R.E.M. – Drive
R.E.M. – Driver 8
R.E.M. – Feeling Gravitys Pull
R.E.M. – It’s The End Of The World As W
R.E.M. – Laughing
R.E.M. – Leave
R.E.M. – Losing My Religion
R.E.M. – Radio Song
R.E.M. – Shiny Happy People
R.E.M. – The One I Love – Remastered
R.E.M. – These Days
Sonic Youth – 100%
Sonic Youth – Becuz
Sonic Youth – Chapel Hill
Sonic Youth – Drunken Butterfly
Sonic Youth – Kool Thing
Sonic Youth – Schizophrenia
Sonic Youth – Shoot
Sonic Youth – Silver Rocket (Album Version)
Sonic Youth – Sugar Kane
Sonic Youth – Teen Age Riot (Album Version)
Sonic Youth – Total Trash (Album Version)
Sonic Youth – Unwind
Soul Asylum – Beggars And Choosers
Soul Asylum – Bittersweetheart
Soul Asylum – Cartoon
Soul Asylum – Misery
Soul Asylum – No Man’s Land
Soul Asylum – Runaway Train
Soul Asylum – Somebody to Shove
Soul Asylum – Sometime To Return
Soul Asylum – Spinnin’
Soul Asylum – Tied to the Tracks
The Replacements – Achin’ to Be – 2008 Remaster
The Replacements – Alex Chilton – 2008 Remaster
The Replacements – Back to Back – 2008 Remaster
The Replacements – Bastards of Young – 2008 Remas
The Replacements – Can’t Hardly Wait – 2008 Remas
The Replacements – Hold My Life – 2008 Remaster
The Replacements – Left of the Dial – 2008 Remast
The Replacements – Merry Go Round – 2008 Remaster
The Replacements – One Wink at a Time – 2008 Rema
The Replacements – Someone Take the Wheel – 2008

2nd Floor – My Vibrations
5th Groove – Night In Spring
5th Groove – Riding The Waves (Next Project’s Grand Voyage Mix)
Alexander Prada – Karima (S Type Mix)
Alexius Gabrikov – The Lone Seagull (Radiant Mix)
Armand Affairs – My Eyes On You (Mystical Sound)
Armand Mont – Anything For Love (Crystal Hotel’s Chillout Mix)
Art Martin – Please Love Me (Chilled Soul Mix)
Beach Two – Simple Gift (M.D. House Mix)
Blue Feeling – Just Feeling
Blu Marine – Me Wrong (Late Night Mix)
Carl Kobra – A Flower Under The Ground (Mark Dacosta’s Deep Mix)
Chillout Terrace Beats – Got To Do By Chance (Cosmic Sister Mix)
Chrisoper Torres – Prodigious (Deep Organ Mix)
City Centre Ensemble – Believe It Or Not
Continental Groove – Sea Spider (9th Dimention’s Deep Mix)
Cosmique Beats – Long Journey (Universal Mix)
Count of Montecristo – It’s Never Too Late (Mar Tirreno Mix)
David Marquee – Right Here (Piano & Style Chillout Mix)
Deep File – Vivier (Deep Instinct Mix)
Deep Groovers – Child
Deep Laguna – Their Others (Castle & Bromwich Mix)
Deep Selected – Blue Star
Deep Sun – Psychosis
Desert Groove – Beyond And Headlines (Orion Omega Mix)
Dyba – In My Mind (The Grand Mix)
Dyba – Le Monde (Gold Mix)
Dyba – Pop Deep (Nuyorican Mix)
Eldon De Baker – God Save My Shoes (Sander Preston’s Chillout Mix)
Elegant Steve – High Roller (Chill Rhythms Mix)
FD Sound – You Know Who
Felix Schou – Tinsel Town (Deep Voyage Mix)
Fifth Groove – If You Let Me (In The City Mix)
Fortyfour Circles – Tears That Shine (Nuyorican Bar Mix)
Francesco Demegni – One Cold Night
Francis Garavini – Dead Dog (Melodic & Lounge Mix)
Frank Carrera – Any Mens (3 Towers Mix)
Frank D – Black Winow
Frank Donovan – Hope (Deeper Mix)
Grand Magic – The World On Time (Candid Elements Mix)
Gray Forest – Dump Of Paint (Massive Chill Mix)
GT 55 – Red Color (Gray Clouds Mix)
Head Sonique – Still Life (Seawaves Mix)
Interior Beats – Green Blink (Nigh O’ Phonic Mix)
Kamill Le Jarvin – We Own The Night (Rosarossa Mix)
Karmante – One Finger (After Dinner Mix)
Karmo; Charma – Push The Button (Carisma Mix)
Kosta – Deep Down (Modell & Mercier Mix)
Light Soul – Time To Shine (Dinner Mix)
Lightstar – I Send Good Mood (Golden Mix)
Love City Orchestra – People We Can
Mag One – True Legend (Nu Chillin’ Mix)
Makina Jane – 2 Much (Rain Mix)
Mandragora – Enjoy The Greatness (Club Mix)
Mark Jamson – Forever Mine (Fluttuant Mix)
Mark Thomas – Signal (Continental Mix)
Maurice Sanders – Someone Calls (Blue Eyes Mix)
Miami Beats Ensemble – Raveille (Disco City Mix)
Michel Haimann – Point By Point (Airplanes Mix)
Mister Misterious – Still Dancing In My Head (Beautiful Melody Mix)
Modern Beats – Make Me Hot (North Sine Mix)
Moon Solid – Don’t Pay (The J Mix)
M.S. Ensemble – Mood Swings (Tony Alvin’s Piano Mix)
Next Project – Seeks And Finds (Chill Institute’s Lovers Mix)
Nude Look – At The Right Moment (Don Solaris Mix)
Oceanus 99 – Wander (Mike Thomson Mix)
One Groove – Public Affair (Erotic Affairs Mix)
One Modell – One Last Breath (Robert Demarie Chill Mix)
Patrik Samuelson – Chaos And Calm (Double Identity Mix)
Paul Sutton – Loose Ends (Jazz Inn Mix)
Playamann – Dr. Paver (Deep Mix)
Pure Silk – U Belong 2 Me (Maldives Mix)
Red Sea Grooves – The Future Is Unwritten (Panoramic Mix)
Richard Rochefeller – Resolume (Beat Of The Deep Mix)
Rick Loveland & Aramha – 4Ever (Dyba Deep Club Mix)
Robbie Brik – Love Burns (The Terrace Mix)
Robert Wellington – Bakiri (Sunshine Mix)
Ronny Starr – One Off (Petite Boutique’s Fashion Mix)
Rosarossa – Get Free (Soul Beats Mix)
Salina – Give Me a Feeling (House Vocal Mix)
Sensation 2 – I Don’t Wanna Loose You
Seventy Moods – Parisian Blonde (Green Eyes Mix)
Shadow Rhythm – Digital Theremin
Silver Jeff – Feel The Senses (Natural Deep Mix)
Soul Brothers – Summer In The City (Love Mix)
Soul of Paradise – Sapienza (Deep City Mix)
Soul Solaris – Make Your Time (Morning Sunshine Mix)
Spherical Eyes – All Is Lost (Crystalline Mix)
Square 22 – Panama Hat (Flame & Co. Mix)
S Rhythms – Look Me (Underdeeep Mix)
Steven Silk – Simply (Jeff Zebra’s Deep City Mix)
St. Tropez Deep Ensemble – Hey (Deep & Trumpet Mix)
Suspended Dreams – Deep Low (Deepnight Mix)
Tedd Maneva – In Your Love (Butterfly Mix)
Ther Contact Project – Your Temptations (Red Flowers Mix)
Timeless Band – Beauty Queen (Chillout Btz Mix)
Transparent Dreams – Watch The Sunrise (Morning Mix)
Tree Men – Future Prospects (Last Floor Mix)
Ultra Fine – Yaro (New York Sunrise Mix)
Volker Rain – You Living In Love (Project 111 Deep Mix)

Alec Bonnici – Fortitude (Clean)
Ari Lennox Feat. Doja Cat – BMO (Remix) (Clean)
Ari Lennox Feat. Doja Cat – BMO (Remix) (Dirty)
Ari Lennox & Smino – I Been (Remix) (Clean)
Ari Lennox & Smino – I Been (Remix) (Dirty)
Beres Hammond & Ursula – Legendary Love (Clean)
Brian McKnight – Nobody (Clean)
Carlie Hanson – Daze Inn (Clean)
Car Seat Headrest – Can’t Cool Me Down (Clean)
Carta & Chocolate Puma – Elderly People (Clean)
Charly Black & NeYo – Over Again (Main)
Cheyenne Giles & Zootah Feat. Mary Grace – Non Stop (Clean)
Christian Paul – Bad Manners (Clean)
Cloverdale – My Soul (Clean)
Curbi & Hasse De Moor – Alcoholic (Clean)
Delepero 6ixx Feat. Adibadgod 6ixx – Mankind (Dirty)
Dr. Fresch and FREAK ON – THICCC (Dirty)
Duck Sauce A-Trak and Armand Van Helden – Captain Duck (Clean)
Duck Sauce A-Trak and Armand Van Helden – Smiley Face (Clean)
Duck Sauce, A-Trak & Armand Van Helden – Captain Duck (Clean)
Duck Sauce – Captain Duck (Clean)
Elah Hale – Gentle (Clean)
El Capon – Shut Up Chicken (Clean)
Fedd Di Future – Dont Give In (Main)
Florida Georgia Line – I Love My Country (Dirty)
Gianni Blu – Baby Just Dance (Clean)
Green Tree & Jay Dunham – I Need That (Original Mix)
Grupo Niche – Cuarenta Ruedas
IAMGIFeat.3D – Can’t Sleep (Clean)
IAMGIFeat.3D – Cant Sleep (Clean)
Intelligency – August (Clean)
Jacoob – All Night (Original Mix)
Jada – Nudes (Clean)
JC Ordonez – Bounce That (Clean)
Jessie Reyez Feat. Eminem – Coffin (Clean)
Jessie Reyez Feat. Eminem – Coffin (Dirty)
Kohmi – Don’t Stop (Clean)
KREAM & Imanos – Choices (Main)
Krischvn – Second Baked (Clean)
Lauv – Modern Loneliness (Clean)
Lawless – Dem Bad (Dirty)
Le Youth – About Us (Clean)
Manuel Mendosa – No Step (Original Mix)
Marc Benjamin & DNMKG Feat. Able Faces – Horizons (Clean)
MASTERIA and AceMyth – Do It (Clean)
Mat2Strass – Back To The House School (Original Mix)_
Max Esposito – Go Down (Original Mix)
Pearl Jam – Quick Escape (Clean)
Pearl Jam – Retrograde (Clean)
Poplane – Free Up
Public – Make You Mine (Clean)
R3HAB & Andy Grammer – Good Example (Clean)
Ray J, Kurupt & LA Buck – It Never Rains (Instumental)
Santigold – Gold Fire (Clean)
Santigold – Why Me (Clean)
Selena Gomez – Dance Again (Clean)
Shaun Escoffery – River (Clean)
Sound Rush – Brothers (Clean)
Spinstyles – Crazy (Dirty)
Sultan & Shepard – Ayla (Original Mix)
The Weeknd – Missed You (Clean)
The White Buffalo – Faster Than (Clean)
Tyde Levi – AAA (Clean)
Vinyl Hero – Vultures (Clean)
Vito Pignatelli – Funky Beat (Original Mix)
Will Downing – Ready, Willing & Able (Clean)
ZOOTAH and Esh – Ride Or Die (Clean)

4-IZE Feat. J-Live, Anthony David & Seсor KAOS – Hard To Quit The Rhyme
Breez Evahflowin & Deep of 2 Hungry Bros. – Stone By Stone (Temp. Check)
Count Bass D – I Can’t Tell
CRIMEAPPLE (prod. by DJ Skizz) – Too Close (Clean Version)
CRIMEAPPLE (prod. by DJ Skizz) – Too Close (Instrumental)
CRIMEAPPLE (prod. by DJ Skizz) – Too Close
Donwill – Snob ft Rob Cave fka Spec Boogie
Donwill – Younger Days
ETO – Beloved (Dirty) Prod. By Marco Polo
ETO – Beloved (Instrumental) Prod. By Marco Polo
Kut One – Which One’s First (feat. King Magnetic)
M.A.V. – All Flatz Fried Hard ft. Mooch
MC Eiht – Bacc n the Day
MC Eiht – Profiles
MC Eiht – Tru Story
Phil The Agony x DirtyDiggs – Best Kept Secret Instrumental
Phil The Agony x DirtyDiggs – Best Kept Secret
Planet Asia x DirtyDiggs x KillerTape Network – Let Off the Steam (Instrumental)
Planet Asia x DirtyDiggs x KillerTape Network – Let Off the Steam
Rome Streetz – Yes Universe (produced by Piff James)
Run The Jewels – Ooh LA LA (feat. Greg Nice & DJ Premier)
Spectacular Diagnostics – COURTROOM DRAMA
Spectacular Diagnostics – EVERYTHING
Statik Selektah & Termanology – Pandemic
Supreme Cerebral x D.Mar – On The Corner Feat. Recognize Ali & Ill Conscious
Supreme Cerebral x D.Mar – Prophetic Jewels Feat. Planet Asia & InDJnous
Tab-One – Balancing Act
The Alchemist x Conway The Machine – Shoot Sideways (feat. ScHoolboy Q)
The Four Owls – 100% Feat. DJ Premier

Dom Dolla x Skrillex & Habstrakt – San Frandisco x Chicken Soup (Maloo Mashuo)
Duke Dumont – Need U (DISEL Remix) (Enrie BeeHive Edit)
Firebeatz – Bad Habit (Enrie BeeHive Edit)
HUGEL – Better (HUGEL VIP Edit) (Enrie BeeHive Edit)
Justin Bieber x Kaskade – Angel On My Shoulder (MIMO ‘Yummy’ Short Edit)
Justin Bieber x Quintino & Cesqeaux – Yummy vs Make Moves (DJ Arman Aveiru Bootleg)
Kanye West – Stronger (S!RENE & Paul Mond Edit)-Dirty
Lizzo vs Oliver Heldens – Good As The G.O.A.T (Ligotti Bootleg)
Post Malone – WOW (Tejeda Bounce Edit)-Dirty
Rihanna – Pon De Replay (MMR Edit)

Alessiah – Hurricane (Robert Cristian Remix)
Arash & Ilkay Sencan feat. Era Istrefi – No Maybes
Bodybangers – Your’re Not Alone
Camilo – Favorito
Dani Corbalan – Inside Your Heart (Radio Edit)
Hailee Steinfeld – I Love You’s
Iarina – Free
Jay Aliyev – Hold Me, Kiss Me
Jubel – Someone
Lunay & Myke Towers feat. Ozuna, Chencho Corleone & Rauw Alejandro – La Cama (Remix)
Max Oazo feat. Alice Ella – Not Meant To Be
OneRepublic – Better Days
Robert Cristian x Sonny Flame – Mer Dan Idev (Demeter Remix)
Roma Kenga – Feel Allright (Radio Edit)
Sam Feldt feat. Ella Henderson – Hold Me Close
Sebastian Yatra feat. Ricky Martin – Falta Amor
Spada & Aurya – Little Light
ToldorTunes & Moine – Adal
Tom Boxer feat. Arisq & Tyler G – Mamasita
Turbotronic – Bolmae (Radio Edit)

3Nacria – Waiting 4 the Sun (Idea Extended)
4 Fantasy – Paradise (Melody Velvet Mix)
Ada – La Tua Notte (Consumata Calda Mix)
Alex C – Just Dance (Just Extended)
Angel’s Boys – Isacco (Original Extended Mix)
Armos – Still Blind (Extended Mix)
Attilson & Aldo Bit Feat.Nikasoul – Boom Boom Boom (Aldo Bit ItaloDance Edit Remix)
Babil J – You And I (DJ Mauro Vay GF Mix)
BB Bau Feat. Alberto Dal Santo – La Sera (Dance Mix)
BeatMartHz – Musica Che Pompa (Original Mix)
Bonsugi – Changing (Bts Chitlom Remix)
Brothers feat. Ranieri – Vita Esagerata (Dj-V. Italodance Remix)
B&W Feat. Junior Paes – Flying To The Sky 2k18 (Dj Claster Itadance Remix)
BW feat. Junior Paes – Flying To The Sky (Dj JPedroza Remix)
B&W Feat.Junior Paes – Run (Dj Claster Italodance Remix)
Carmixer & Francy M – Senza Te (Bietto Remix)
Claudio Alberti – Disco Music (Maranza Mix)
Dainpeace feat. Moka – Get On Down (Extended Mix)
Danceposse feat. Yeyu – Beng Ba Disco (Extended Mix)
Danijay feat. Alberto Fortis – Senza Fretta (Extended Mix)
Danijay – Happiness (Original Version)
Disc Jockeyz – My Italia (Domasi Remix)
Disco Bee – This Is My Club (Indietro Remix)
DJ C.H.R.Y. – My Rhythm (Danza Mix)
DJ Hunter Feat. DJ Doddo – Non So Cose (Dj Hunter Remix)
DJ Jpedroza & Biagio Lisanti – Trovare te (Extended Version)
Dj Juan Martinez – Ella (Dj Power Remix)
DJ Juan Martinez & Manu Gz – Tell Me Why (Dario Synth HPDJ Remix)
DJ Jump feat. Nathalie Aarts – Memories (DJ Maxwell Remix)(1)
DJ Jump Feat. Nathalie Aarts – Memories (DJ Maxwell Remix)
Dj Leivas & Miguel Valbuena feat. Laia – Shine (DJ Power Remix)
DJ Luca Peruzzi – Watch Out (Club Mix)
DJ Matrix Feat. Giorgio Vanni vs Jack Mazzoni – Supereroi (Goku Remix Extended Mix)
DJ Maxwell & Paps’N’Skar – Lovin You (Extended Dance Remix)
DJ Orazio – Grande Armonia (Dj-V. Remix)
DJ Orazio – Io E Te (R.A.G. DJ Remix)
DJ Orazio – Sembra Leri (Krizdem ItaloDance Remix)
DJ Pedroza Ft. Niro – Vamos Ficar Juntos (Italo Dance Remix)
DJ Pedroza & Guistylez – Insomnia
DJ Rob VS. B.A.R. Feat. Roxy – Come Together (Red Bull & Vodka Mix)
DJ Ronne – Disco Beat (Lento Violento)
DJ Ross feat. Kumi – La Vie (Jack Mazzoni Remix)
DJ Sanny J and Daniele ft Xavi One – Bomb of Love (Original Mix)
DJ Sanny J Feat. Fabrizio E Marco – Everyday (Fabrizio E Marco Radio Recipe)
DJ Satomi – Castle In The Sky (Claster Dj Remix)
Dj sTore & Miky Heic – Party Lovers (Radio Edit)
Don Diablo & Matt Nash – Starlight (Italodance Extended)
Dove Cameron – As Long As I Have You (Dj JPedroza Remix)
D-ZoNe IT – Funk Soul Brother (Dario Synth Goin Crazy Remix)
Elettra Lamborghini – Musica (Marzi Remix)
Eme’Be – Mi Munēca (DJ Claster Italodance Remix)
EnzoG. & Bietto Feat. Rossella – Come il Sole (Bietto Italo Rework)
Eree.Bass & Glaukor – Dancing (Extended Mix)
Fabrizio e Marco – Fly Way (DJ Gio Extended Mix)
Forever 80 – Better Of Alone (Play Hard)
Gabry Ponte – Don Giovanni (DJ Art@k Remix)
Gabry Ponte – La Bambolina (DJ Cleber Mix)
Gigi D’Agostino, Luca Noise – Words Of Love (Gigi Dag & Luca Noise Robotica Dance Mix)
Gigi L’Altro – Carnaval de Paris (Bevo Bevo)
Gigi L’Altro feat. Roberto Francesconi – The Last Of The Mohicans (Il Fabbro Extended Mix)
Glaukor feat. McW – Looking For Love (Original Mix)
Grupo Mamey – Obsesion (DJ Ross Remix)
Hard In Tango – This Is My DJ (Original Fisa Edit Mix)
HGN & McW – ItaloLand (DJ JPedroza Remix)
iPantellas & Giuli – Ma Anche No (Vs Dj Matrix & Matt Joe)
ItaloMelody – A Conquista (ItaloDance Extended)
ItaloMelody – Without You (FranJ Domasi Remix)
Jack Mazzoni – True Love (David G. & Angel Sound Remix)
Jc Teddi – Particella d’Amore (Original Mix)
J.Luis DJ – Dance On The Floor (Rafy Dj Mix)
Jluis Dj – You Want Me (Extended Mix)
Joe Berte Feat. G-Laspada – Anime D’Estate (Jack Mazzoni Speed Mix)
Josi Rambay – Concept Of Balla (Concepto Estrella Italo Star Edit)
Juan Martinez feat. Coque Piraces – Noche De Fiesta (DD Power Edit)
Kate Lesing – Walk Alone (Dj Carfil vs Dj Dypa Remix)
Khrys & Jluis Dj – I Need You (SicuLand Remix)
Krizdem – Stop! (DJ Maraach Remix)
KSHMR x KAAZE 14feat. KARRA – Devil Inside Me (Remix Red Lowder)
Lena Lane – M’innamorai Di Te (Edit Claster Dj)
L.I.N.K. feat Johnny B – Without You (Vanni G Extended)
Loco Beat – Rock the House (Extended Mix)
Lori Zama ft. Federico Pasini – A Cena Con Me (Lori Zama Remix)
Ma.Bra. – Dance All Night (Ma.Bra. Extended Mix)
Ma.Bra. – Flute (Ma.Bra. Extended Mix)
ManuGZ feat. Marcos Magan – Credimi (Destination Sicily Main Mix)
Mariano & Marco & DPJ – My Star (Bietto Remix)
Marq Aurel & Klimus – We Live Today (DJ-V ItaloDance Remix)
Marshmello & Anne-Marie – Friends (Bietto Friends Remix)
Matteo Bellu – Vorrei (DjTEoX Remix)
Max GazzХ – Ti Sembra Normale (Bocchetti Bootleg Remix)
Max Scampoli – Believe (Extended Mix)
MLP Feat. Laia – Winter Night (DJ Dadde Rmx)
M.O.M. feat. Francy – Sinfonia Arcana (DJ Cutry & Dynamiko Extended)
Muttonheads ft. Eden Martin – Snow White (J.B & Guistylez Rmx)
NikDj & Mark.M – The Pearl Of Caribbean (Magic Feet Version)
OMI – Cheerleader (Dj JPedroza Concept Remix)
OverLand Feat. Marius – In My World (Dr Codu Version)
Piko Taro – Pen Pineapple Apple Pen (Alien Cut Remix)
Prezioso Feat. Marvin – Voglio Vederti Danzare (Synapse Dj Extended)
RAG DJ feat. JPedroza – Love is Love (ASon Beat Rmx)
Ricchi e Poveri – Sara Perche Ti Amo (DaVid-L. Remix)
Roby Rossini – Un’altra estate (Michelle, Apple Dj’s & Umberto Balzanelli Remix Extended)
Simone Di Bella – Come on Over (Dance Rocker Edit)
Sound Madman – Face (Italo Dance Remix)
Sunnyboy – Angelo (DJ Store Italodance Remix)
SunnyBoy – I Need The Fire (Dj JPedroza Rmx)
Sunnyboy – Paperheart (DJ Spazio Remix)
Toni Codina feat. Hellena – Phoenix
Umberto Tozzi – Tu (Alex Tanz Bootleg)
VanniG – All My Illusions (Guistylez Italodance Mix)
Vibronic Nation – T6 Birthday Hymn (Bietto Remix)
Vox Southern – Pretty Fly (Un Dos Vox)

01. The Weeknd – Blinding Lights
02. Roddy Ricch – The Box
03. Dua Lipa – Don’t Start Now
04. The Weeknd – Heartless
05. Post Malone – Circles
06. Future – Life Is Good
07. Harry Styles – Adore You
08. Justin Bieber – Intentions (feat. Quavo)
09. Doja Cat – Say So
100. Bad Bunny – La Difícil
10. Arizona Zervas – ROXANNE
11. Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved
12. Billie Eilish – everything i wanted
13. Blackbear – hot girl bummer
14. Maroon 5 – Memories
15. Tones and I – Dance Monkey
16. The Weeknd – In Your Eyes
17. Maren Morris – The Bones
18. Camila Cabello – My Oh My
19. Dan + Shay – 10,000 Hours
20. Megan Thee Stallion – Savage
21. The Weeknd – Alone Again
22. The Weeknd – After Hours
23. Mustard – Ballin’
24. The Weeknd – Scared To Live
25. The Weeknd – Hardest To Love
26. The Black Eyed Peas – RITMO (Bad Boys For Life)
27. Lady Gaga – Stupid Love
28. The Weeknd – Too Late
29. Harry Styles – Falling
30. Gabby Barrett – I Hope
31. DaBaby – BOP
32. The Weeknd – Snowchild
33. Halsey – You should be sad
34. Chris Brown – No Guidance
35. YNW Melly & Juice WRLD – Suicidal
36. Roddy Ricch – High Fashion (feat. Mustard)
37. Lil Mosey – Blueberry Faygo
38. Eminem – Godzilla (feat. Juice WRLD)
39. The Weeknd – Escape From LA
40. Kane Brown – Homesick
41. The Weeknd – Save Your Tears
42. Lil Baby – Woah
43. Rod Wave – Heart On Ice
44. Blake Shelton – Nobody But You (Duet with Gwen Stefani)
45. The Weeknd – Faith
46. Luke Bryan – What She Wants Tonight
47. Selena Gomez – Lose You To Love Me
48. Demi Lovato – I Love Me
49. Jordan Davis – Slow Dance In A Parking Lot
50. Jake Owen – Homemade
51. H.E.R. – Slide
52. Russ – BEST ON EARTH
53. Morgan Wallen – Chasin’ You
54. Lil Uzi Vert – Myron
55. SAINt JHN – Roses (Imanbek Remix)
56. Ingrid Andress – More Hearts Than Mine
57. Jack Harlow – Whats Poppin
58. Pop Smoke – Dior
59. Powfu – Death Bed (feat. beabadoobee)
60. Lil Baby – Sum 2 Prove
61. Brett Young – Catch (The Acoustic Sessions)
62. Surfaces – Sunday Best
63. Luke Combs – Does To Me (feat. Eric Church)
64. Carly Pearce – I Hope You’re Happy Now
65. Kelsea Ballerini – homecoming queen
66. Karol G – Tusa
67. Jhené Aiko – P_$$Y Fairy (OTW)
68. Thomas Rhett – Beer Can’t Fix (feat. Jon Pardi)
69. The Weeknd – Repeat After Me (Interlude)
70. Lil Uzi Vert – P2
71. BENEE – Supalonely (feat. Gus Dapperton)
72. Jonas Brothers – What a Man Gotta Do
73. Lil Uzi Vert – That Way (Bonus Track)
74. Lil Uzi Vert – Baby Pluto
75. Lil Yachty & DaBaby – Oprah’s Bank Account (feat. Drake)
76. Jhené Aiko,H.E.R. – B.S
77. Lewis Capaldi – Before You Go (Piano Version)
79. SZA & Justin Timberlake – The Other Side
80. The Weeknd – Until I Bleed Out
81. Megan Thee Stallion – B.I.T.C.H.
82. Khalid & Disclosure – Know Your Worth
83. Justin Bieber – Yummy
84. Sam Smith – To Die For
85. Lil Baby & 42 Dugg – Grace
86. Lil Uzi Vert – Bean (Kobe) [feat. Chief Keef]
87. Lil Uzi Vert – Lo Mein
88. Summer Walker – Come Thru
89. Lil Baby – Emotionally Scarred
90. Diplo – Heartless (feat. Morgan Wallen)
91. Lil Baby & Gunna – Heatin Up
92. Bad Bunny – Si Veo a Tu Mamá
93. Lil Uzi Vert & 21 Savage – Yessirskiii
94. NLE Choppa – Walk Em Down (feat. Roddy Ricch)
95. Kelsea Ballerini – the other girl (with Halsey)
96. YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Make No Sense
97. Idina Menzel – Into the Unknown
98. Polo G, Stunna 4 Vegas & NLE Choppa – Go Stupid
99. Bad Bunny – Vete