dj音乐歌曲大全100首 Techno (Peak Time, Driving) – [Jan-07-2022]

Alberto Costas – Industrial Activity [Emperor Recordings]
Alberto Costas – Kgb [Emperor Recordings]
Alberto Costas – Mister Devil [Emperor Recordings]
Alfonso Forte & Emiliano Cassano – Remote Control [Torchmood Records]
Apoteoz – Commercial Road
Apoteoz – Experience
Apoteoz – Rojaz
Aypex – Witches Tower [Torchmood Records]
Begmatt – Compulsive (Begmatt) [POINTZER0 Rec]
Begmatt – Compulsive (Drug4u) [POINTZER0 Rec]
Begmatt – Compulsive (Hefty) [Pointzer0 Rec]
Begmatt – Psycho Doctor (Begmatt) [POINTZER0 Rec]
Betty Lanford – Jolly [BLD Records]
Betty Lanford – Jolly (Radio edit) [BLD Records]
Blewsteen – Ongoing Call [iM Electronica]
Blewsteen – Priorities [iM Electronica]
B-Liv – Shona Afro People [My Own Beat Records]
B-Liv – Shona Techno People [My Own Beat Records]
Carrousel – Granite Moon
Ciigux – Dark Font [WeRelease]
Ciigux – Old Obsession [WeRelease]
Coming Next – Magala [Coming Next Records]
Coming Next – Magala (Minimal Mix) [Coming Next Records]
Cristian – Liberation (Carlos Nardelli Remix)
Cristian – Liberation (Original Mix)
Cristian – Liberation (Sektor M Remix)
Daniele Batty – Fata Morgana (Original) [TTR]
Daniele Batty – Internal Connection (Original) [TTR]
Daniele Batty – Oratory (Original) [TTR]
Daniele Batty – Spektra (Original) [TTR]
Daniele Batty – Valkyrie (Original) [TTR]
Dave Mol – You Brake Me Feel [Moop Up]
David Londono – Abduction [Road Trip Recordings]
David Londono – Ciclo Polar [Road Trip Recordings]
David Londono – Flying [Road Trip Recordings]
David Londono – In the Soul [Road Trip Recordings]
David Londono – Onux [Road Trip Recordings]
David Londono – Orbit [Road Trip Recordings]
David Londono – Split Count [Road Trip Recordings]
David Londono – Travel to Zone [Road Trip Recordings]
Deepchild – Basmala Raag [Seppuku Records]
Deepchild – Fireflies [Seppuku Records]
Deepchild – Spirited Away [Seppuku Records]
Deepchild – Transition Chamber [Seppuku Records]
D Meto – Insane (Vad Han Remix) [Mystic Carousel Records]
Dolibox – 2nd Floor
Dolibox – All I No
Dolibox – Blame
Dolibox – La Vista Studio2
DreamSystem – ShadowDive [Tech Units]
Drewtech – Harmon [Torchmood Records]
Drewtech – Red Alarm (Teua Remix) [Torchmood Records]
Dr.Nojoke – Amageja
Dr.Nojoke – Costrob
Dr.Nojoke – Liplev
Dr.Nojoke – Orikala
Dr.Nojoke – Sagrimone
Dr.Nojoke – Selimik
Edo Grigoryan & Home Shell – Everything [MetanolA (RU)]
Edo Grigoryan & Home Shell – Everything (Techno Mix) [MetanolA (RU)]
Edo Grigoryan & Home Shell – Moon [MetanolA (RU)]
Edo Grigoryan & Home Shell – Moon (Techno Mix) [MetanolA (RU)]
EiZer G – Detection [Space Beat]
Emiliano Cassano & Nik Wel – State of Matter [Torchmood Records]
Franc.Marti – Loca [Radiator Of Sound]
Ganesh & Rj Van Xetten Feat. Gvx – Dime Dropper
Ganesh & Rj Van Xetten Feat. Gvx – Dime Dropper (T78 Remix)
Giovanni Dorio – Furia del Tigrar (Miguel Silva Remix) [Torchmood Records]
Hamaton3 – What Story [Torchmood Records]
Home Shell & Chimitdorzhi – Areda [Arey]
Home Shell & Chimitdorzhi – Balja [Arey]
Home Shell & Chimitdorzhi – Kirkun [Arey]
Interagent – Indivisualism [Panspermia Records]
Interagent – Rauchmelder [Panspermia Records]
Interagent – Solaris [Panspermia Records]
JAiSAK – Apocalypse Rider (Extended Version) [Aesthetics Records]
JAiSAK – Atomic Drugs (Extended Version) [Aesthetics Records]
J. OSCIUA – Angler [Space Beat]
J. OSCIUA – Conspirate [Space Beat]
J. Vazzquez – On Way [beatclap]
JVNIΘR – Devil’s Carnival [Torchmood Records]
Karlo Wanny – Kontractions
Karlo Wanny – Regenerate
K-Deey – 20 Pounds [Torchmood Records]
Ket Robinson – 12.03
Ket Robinson – 12.03 [trau-ma]
Ket Robinson – Non Objective Purpose
Ket Robinson – Non Objective Purpose [trau-ma]
Ket Robinson – Vitti Meglio
Ket Robinson – Vitti Meglio [trau-ma]
Kristoph Galland – Gr8 [Dysaux Records]
LennHardt Leisure – Artificial [7715R]
Lester Fitzpatrick – Clank
Lester Fitzpatrick – Clank [Urban Kickz Recordings]
Lester Fitzpatrick – Expo
Lester Fitzpatrick – Expo [Urban Kickz Recordings]
Lester Fitzpatrick – Ground Conductor
Lester Fitzpatrick – Ground Conductor [Urban Kickz Recordings]
Lester Fitzpatrick – Run Tell That Jak
Lester Fitzpatrick – Run Tell That Jak [Urban Kickz Recordings]
Lester Fitzpatrick – Stretch Yo Girl Out
Lester Fitzpatrick – Stretch Yo Girl Out [Urban Kickz Recordings]
Luminite – Metal & Blood (Extended Mix)
Manuel Montero – Sun (Carmen Fiorentino Remix) [Smart Phenomena Records]
Manuel Montero – Sun (Quiqui Remix) [Smart Phenomena Records]
Manuel Montero – Sun [Smart Phenomena Records]
MasCon – Extrakt
MasCon – Passion
MasCon – Sakrament
MasCon – Schmaler Grat
M. Rodriguez & Karol Melinger – Date IN Hell [Marktek Records]
Muuk – Intelligent Drug [Arey]
Muuk – Purple [Arey]
Muuk – Until the End [Arey]
Muuk – You and Me to the Moon [Arey]
Nightbane – Reality [DTL Records]
Nightbane – Reality (Extended Mix) [DTL Records]
Nik Wel – Planet Earth (2k21 Rework)
Nik Wel – Planet Mars (Original Mix)
Pattrn – Clouds Takes
Pattrn – Ebedjm
Pattrn – Imantodes Path
Pattrn – The Foggy Way
Rave Energy – Pure Techno (Fast Mix) [Rave Energy Records]
Rave Energy – Pure Techno [Rave Energy Records]
Rave Energy – Pure Techno (Slow Mix) [Rave Energy Records]
Ravelogic – Ukiyo
RBP – Bloodthirsty
Richard Cleber – Hard Times
Richard Cleber – Open Gate
Richard Cleber – Vertical Rush
RULEBREAKERZ – Kaos [SuperPosition Records]
Sam Kurly – Go with Me [KUKURECORDS]
SdemA – Jupiter [Space Beat]
Son Of A Preacher – Dark Cabin
Son Of A Preacher – Indito Phrase
Stephan Crown – Amami [Space Beat]
Stephan Crown – Blue Picture [Space Beat]
Synthetic Redemption Project – Embrace The Darkness
V.Danilov – Cosmic Dust [Arey]
V.Danilov – Don’t Look for Fire in Me (feat. Teo) [Arey]
V.Danilov – No Sleep (feat. Igor Pose) [Arey]
Wigbit (GB) – Robbie Growler (Zeit,Bypass Remix) [Torchmood Records]
Wndrlst – End Credits [iM Electronica]
Yosak Ghelan – Miedo al Reggaetonero (D’n’B Mix) [Genoma Clubbing]
Yosak Ghelan – Miedo al Reggaetonero [Genoma Clubbing]
Yosak Ghelan – Miedo al Reggaetonero (Minimal Mix) [Genoma Clubbing]
Zoltan Katona (Kato) – Candy [UTAZOK RECORDS]
Bongani – Consciousness
Dysmorph – Quietus Korero
Eegor & Zark – Unforeseeable
Handsdown & Leigh Boy – Immaculate Deception
Jedidiah (Aus) – Anaphora
Kuni & Tom Baker (Aus) – The Rabbit Hole
Lampe – Isolated Youth_(Aleckat Remix)
Medjula – Static Shock Feat. Ambler
Scionaugh & Unstable Fable – The Grind
Tim Taste & Aphe – Montreal Madness_(Unknown Concept Remix)
Acid Enigma – The Architect (Original Mix)
Alice Reize – Didgeridoo (Original Mix)
Audiowerks – Different Control (Original Mix)
A.V.A.V. – Saturday Night (Original Mix)
Azogiar – Trosflemia (Original Mix)
Chris Geka – Bagalia (djseanEboy Remix)
Dimoid – Nice (Original Mix)
Dr. Tintin – Thor (Original Mix)
Fixon – Gloomy Eyes (Original Mix)
Head Shoulders – PSV (Original Mix)
jUjU – Sliding (Original Mix)
K-Deey – Superflu (Original Mix)
Ket Robinson – No Rest For The Weaks (Original Mix)
MarAxe – Projection (Original Mix)
Marooned Solar Siblings – Pluto (Original Mix)
Miss Channa – Move (Original Mix)
Paul Morena – Escape Reality (Original Mix)
Peppelino – Extra Virgin (Original Mix)
Rangel Coelho – Spacetime (Original Mix)
Romain Dulcet – Beatcheck (Antony Dupont Beatchecked Mix)
Sarah Strandberg – The Night Stalker (Original Mix)
Tommy Tranq – Disrespectful (RoboCrafting Material Remix)
Ulrich Van Bell – Lift Off (Original Mix)
Vito Von Gert – To The Limit (Original Mix)
Ztap – France (Original Mix)
Clock Poets – Morlanda
Dr.Nojoke – Jiglumo
Hustache – Hhh
Iza – Olph02
Juan Farcik – Hiedra
Aleckat – Rockos Basilisk
Aphe – A Sour Relief
B.A.N.D.O – Hustler
Carbon – Hard Wave_(Seb-G Remix)
Delix & Allan Pillai – Get Off My Lawn
Lewis. – The Journey
South Zone – Deep Under
Sult & Tomchill – Kuzcek
Suspect One – Halfblood
Suspect One – Sirius_(Ben Rama Remix)
Tim Taste – Awakening_(Handsdown & Leigh Boy Remix)
Agus L – Hit Live [LW Recordings]
AN-TI – My Control [LW Recordings]
DEFECTOR – Le Club (ROCHIL PAU Remix) [LW Recordings]
Djuro Gajic – Dust [LW Recordings]
D-Richhard – For Everyone Here [LW Recordings]
Enrico Hubert – Abstraction [LW Recordings]
Erick Rodriguez – 30Three [LW Recordings]
Eric Yaz – Define the Scope [LW Recordings]
Ernst Malo – Eastern Block [LW Recordings]
Gjidoda Jr. – Pushed [LW Recordings]
Gusolin – Shake [LW Recordings]
MacKintosh – No Other Way [LW Recordings]
Mattra – Stratosphäre [LW Recordings]
Mr. Vinyl – Chaos [LW Recordings]
Nense – Expedition [LW Recordings]
Paul Collide – Hot Fire [LW Recordings]
Provost – El Yunque [LW Recordings]
Rework – Outside A [LW Recordings]
Saad Ayub & Marcellus Shepard – Man With the Voice [LW Recordings]
Samuel Sonder, K A R I M & Frank Bono – Relentless [LW Recordings]
Slime Coca – Sourness [LW Recordings]
Tom Laws – Drop the Beat [LW Recordings]
Txmzz – Lost in Reality [LW Recordings]
Williamex – Undo [LW Recordings]
Zero Dayz – Spit On Your Flag [LW Recordings]