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22 Weeks – Little Lies (Original Mix) [House Cookin Records]
Aaron K. Gray, DJ Spen, Michele Chiavarini – Ride Like The Wind (DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Remix) [Quantize Recordings]
Afgo & Thule – People Talk About (Original Mix) [Basica Recordings]
Alek Soltirov – Inspirations (Original Mix) [84Bit Music]
Alek Soltirov – Marvin [Salted Music]
Alexz – Deep Inside (Original Mix) [Star Funk Records]
Andy Reid, James Bradshaw, Simone Denny – Twilight For Some (Classic Mix) [Phoenix Music]
Andy Wave – Piano Flavor [Juiced Music]
Angel Anx – Voznja (Original Mix) [Under No Illusion]
Atjazz – Ooto (Out Of The Ordinary Original Mix) [Nulu]
Atlantic Brain – Brindisi (Original Mix) [Love Harder Records]
Average White Band, DJ Fudge – A Love Of Your Own (DJ Fudge Remix) [Papa Records]
Baeka – Move On (Original Mix) [i! Records]
Big Pharma – Charlie’s Angel [Pill Mill]
Blu Leopard – Rock The House (Original Mix) [Shanghaied]
Boddhi Satva – Forever (Original Mix) [Offering Recordings]
Brentano feat. KDaVine – Praises Go Up (Main Vocal Mix) [TR Records]
Byron Stingily, DjPope – Celebrate Me (FunkHut Main Vocal Mix) [FunkHut Records]
CASSIMM & Vanilla Ace – Get Loose (Original Mix) [Glasgow Underground]
Casual Villain – Up To No Good (Original Mix) [Sub Society]
C Da Afro – Feel Like Dancing [Midnight Riot]
Chicks Luv Us – Qu’est Ce Qu’il Veut Lui-! (Original Mix) [Desolat]
Christian Hornbostel – Aftermath [Astronaut Music]
Claude-9 Morupisi – Zukun [Open Bar Music]
C Minor – Enigma [Madorasindahouse Records]
Commercial Street, Coco Malone, Sean McCabe – Amazing (Sean McCabe Remix) [Rival Beat Records]
CPEN – Jus Music [No Fuss Records]
Crazy P – The Witness [Walk Don’t Walk Limited]
Cubase Dan – You Stay On My Mind [Moulton Music]
Daniele Mistretta – Show Me (Original Mix) [Tereysa Records]
Danny Serrano – Sunset Terrace [Serrano’s Kitchen]
Dark Punk Hippies, Dano Summer – The Other Jam Feat. Dano Summer [Golden Soul Records]
DarQknight, Lungi Mandebele – Go [Arawakan]
DaSoul – Knowing Yourself (Main Mix) [Dallinghoo Recordings]
DeejayKul – No Stoppin’ (Original Mix) [Enyoi Youzelf Records]
Din Jay, City Soul Project, Roland Nights – Deep in Your Love (City Soul Project & Roland Nights Remix) [City Soul Recordings]
Di Saronno – We Got The Heat (Original Mix) [Groovy Riddim Records]
Disco Ball’z – Jazzy Azz Muzik (Original Mix) [Cultural District Recordings]
Discoslap – Some Noise (Original Mix) [Cut Rec Promos]
DJ CMI, Lady V, The Heavy Quarterz – Undying Love (The Heavy Quarterz 3am Dose) [Ocha Mzansi]
Djeff, Silyvi, Mamukueno – Tambuleno (Original Mix) [Vega Records]
DJ Fiore – Twenty-Five (Original Mix) [NULU ELECTRONIC]
DJ Lion – Lollapalooza [Gem Records]
DJOKO – Patty Wack [MadTech Records]
Do Moon – Darkness To Fairies (Original Mix) [Uncover Music]
Doyley – Gonna Burn (Harry Romero Remix) [Subliminal]
Eltonnick, Moneoa – Give Me Your Love (Original Mix) [Baainar Records]
Enoo Napa – E[ART]H (Original Mix) [Aluku Records]
Fabio Pierucci – Shakerz (Original Mix) [Ocean Trax]
Fatima & Jerome – We Gonna Be Really Happy (Original Mix) [ONE2ONE2]
Fomalhaut – Rock Don’t Stop (Original Mix) [NONSTOP]
Fouk – Need My Space (Original Mix) [Heist Recordings]
Fouk – Truffles (Original Mix) [Heist Recordings]
Franck Roger, Dj Steaw – Vabre (Dj Steaw Airdub) [Home Invasion ]
Fred Everything – Palma (Ilija Rudman Expressions) [Lazy Days Music]
Fred Everything – Space Time (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Remix) [Lazy Days Music]
Gangs Of Naples – Give Me That Love (Original Mix) [Traktoria]
GAWP & Tough Love – Chicken Grease [Farris Wheel Recordings]
GINJAHVITIZ – Flip It (Original Mix) [Soul Fuel Recordings]
Harvey Wallbanger – Sundaze (Original Mix) [Whartone Records]
Hobbs (UK), Roukin – Game Plan (Original Mix) [Reptile Dysfunction]
HP Vince, Dave Leatherman – In The Club (Original Mix) [MONOSIDE]
Inland Knights, Jason Hodges – Listen (Hodges JunctionStyle Re-Dub) [Frosted Recordings]
Isaak Escamilla & Rodrigo Cortazar – Ritual (Original Mix) [MoBlack Records]
Iuri Di Principe, Elias Kazais – Let The Music (Elias Kazais Remix) [Double Cheese Records]
Jack Back – Survivor (Extended Mix) [DFTD]
Jay Potter, Todd G – Fly High [Spacedisco Records]
Jesse Outlaw, Bill Beaver, Steal Vybe – Chris Forman And Damon Bennett – EIAO (Steal Vybe’s Mesmerized Soul Mix) [Steal Vybe]
Joeski, Rachel – Talk To Me Feat Rachel (Original) [Maya]
Jo Paciello – I Got House (Original Mix) [Shocking Sounds Records]
JT Donaldson – Stay Inside feat. Liv.e (Extended Mix) [Classic Music Company]
Jules Etienne – Biscotte (Original Mix) [Funnuvojere Records]
Kelvin Sylvester, Marie Tweek – Here We Go Again (Kelvin Sylvester Vocal Mix) [Vibe Boutique Records]
Man Go Funk, Nicole Tyler – Then I’m Gone (Club Mix) [Blacksoul Music]
Man Go Funk, Nicole Tyler – Then I’m Gone (Original Mix) [Blacksoul Music]
Manuel Costela, Sauco – Three Flowers (Manuel Costela Mix) [Moiss Music]
Manuel Costela, Sauco – Three Flowers (Sauco Mix) [Moiss Music]
Marcio Aka DJ Bat – Another Day (Original Mix) [Marktek Records]
Mattei & Omich, Ella – You Dance (Original Mix) [Mattei & Omich Music]
Matt Jam Lamont, BKT, Soozy Q, Jam ‘N’ Keys – Need It Want It (Jam ‘N’ Keys Remix) [Bassball Records]
Mike Newman, Antoine Cortez – Salt N’ Pepper [Bagira Ice Records]
Mirko & Meex – Break It Down (Original Mix) [Cruise Music]
Monsieur Et Madame Benoit, Laroye, Audrey Benoit – Santo Domingo (Original Mix) [Ism Records]
Neslo And The Firebirds – The Funk Formula (Original Mix) [Lazy Starfish Records]
Niceteed, Rique’ – Bring It Back (Original Mix) [True Story Comic]
Nico Castoldi – Little Stevie (Original Mix) [Lisztomania Records]
Nico Castoldi – Mambo Bacan (Original Mix) [Lisztomania Records]
Nine To Five, Reel People – Shady Shoes (Reel People Remix) [Foliage Records]
Out of Sorts – Holy Toledo [Audiomatique Recordings]
Pakomo – Rayo de Sol [Union Records]
Paolo Martini – Blackness (Original Mix) [Paul’s Boutique]
Papa Marlin, Max Freeze – That That That [Relief]
Patawawa, Hot Toddy – Wires (Hot Toddy Disco Dub) [Boogie Angst]
Patrick Wayne – Gotta Be Free [Juiced Music]
Paul2Paul – Miami Nights (Original Mix) [Lowplay Sound]
Peter Brown – Delirium (Original Mix) [For The Love Of House Records]
Peter Brown – Losing You [Guesthouse]
Peter Palace – 2Schuss (Original Mix) [Sundries Digital]
Piero Scratch – The Funk (Original Mix) [PornoStar Records (US)]
Pinto (NYC) – Friday (Original Mix) [Refuge Recordings]
Prefix One, Nixo – Imagination (Original) [Soul Grid Records]
Rafael Melhem, Alex Agore – Colours (Original Mix) [ALRA Records]
Redford, Walter Vooys – Back On Track (Original Mix) [Simma Black]
Robert Hood – Reflector (Original Mix) [M-Plant]
Romy Black, Sebb Junior – The Love Test (Sebb Junior Remix) [SOULUXE]
Romy Black – The Love Test (Original Mix) [SOULUXE]
Ruben Naess – Work It (Original Mix) [Pocket Jacks Trax]
Saison – The Last Time feat. Leon Lincoln (Extended Mix) [Defected]
Sasha, Kolsch – The Lights [IPSO]
Satin Jackets – Shadow Of You feat. David Harks (Original Mix) [Eskimo Recordings]
Saytek – Infinity Machine (Live) [Cubism Records]
Seb Skalski – 5Minutes Disco [Purple Disco Records]
Seph Martin – Raw Strings (Original Mix) [Wired]
Serge Funk – Move On Up (Original Mix) [Groove Culture]
Sevader – Visions (Original Mix) [Reptile Dysfunction]
Silver Lake – Echo Jazz [Echo Park Record Company]
Sol Brown, Angel-A, DJ Booker T – As If You Read My Mind (Vocal Mix) [Liquid Deep]
Soul Avengerz, Supa Hi, Gardy – Running Away (Gardy Remix Extended) [Big Love]
Soul Avengerz, Supa Hi – Running Away (Original Mix Extended) [Big Love]
Soul Button – Cadence (Original Mix) [Steyoyoke]
Soul Clap – Jupiter Crush (Original Mix) [House Of EFUNK Records]
Soul Clap – Natural Bliss (Original Mix) [House Of EFUNK Records]
Soul Mission, Brutha Basil, Agev Munsen – Deep Belief (Agev Munsen Mix) [Vega Records]
Steven Stone, Andrea Love – Beautiful Love (Revamped Mix) [Soul Deluxe]
Stones & Bones, Conway Kasey – Uthando (Conway Kasey Remix) [Merecumbe Recordings]
Strainhouse – American Dreams (Original Mix) [Mood Funk Records]
Superlover, Tom Evans – Love Stream (Tom Evans Remix) [Mother Recordings Aus]
SURAJ, Mandala, Afro Pupo – Tobina (Afro Pupo Remix) [Seres Producoes]
Ten Walls – Balboa (Extended Original Mix) [Memento]
Thommy Davis, Greg Lewis, Kwize Makuti – Zum Zum Zaa [Quantize Recordings]
Tunnelvisions – Oishi’s Sword (David Mayer Remix) [Atomnation]
Twism, B3RAO, Groove N Soul, Anita Davis, Aloof, Niall Redmond – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Aloof & Niall Redmond 2019 Prime Time Dub) [Soulful Legends]
Urban Strutters – Runnin (Benji Candelario Extended Mix) [Nervous Records]
Yam Who_, Jaegerossa, Jennifer Wallace – This Man’s in Love with You (Yam Who_ & Jaegerossa Remix) [Midnight Riot]
Young Pulse – Ruff Times [GAMM Enterprises]

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