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Aa Rashid – Dark Skin Jermaine
Abstract – Floating
Adamn Killa – Money Habit
Al B Street – They Need Me
Amplified – Forever And A Day
Anavondeondan – Doom
Antone 3100 – Makin’ The News
Asian Doll – Check
Augustine – All That I Know
Awar – Trials And Tribulations
Bad Azz – Baby Wut’z Up
Bad Azz – In The Stu
Bambu – Not The Get Along
Barney Artist – Home Is Where The Art Is
Beatmaschine – Pink Panther
B.I.G. Mike – Set
Black Smurf – Mind Over Matter
Blake – Really Clean
Bokoesam – Mijn Schuld
Boom Box Bros – Tweeter Woofer
Cane Dubb – Love You
Carter G Rich – Like That
Casey Sincere – Outlaw
Cas Metah – Separated
Chey Dolla – Rip To The City
Chief Keef – Viral
Chris King – Shea Butter
Chucky Trill – Double Up
Classified – Powerless
Clever One – Reach
Cralls – Life I Know
Cub Dollaz – Timeout
Cypress Hill – Muggs Is Dead
Daeshawn Forrest – Do Right
Da Krse Feat. J Blacc – What’s Your Position
Damizza – Smokin Et Drinkin
D Aye – Shake Sumn
Dem Atlas – Tomorrow Party
Desto Dubb – Investment
Dmac Feat. Guapely – Do It Big
Dotty Diablo – Bad Thing
Drebae – No Pressure
Droop-E – Won’t Fold
Duse Beatz – Cyber Bullies
Faith Evan – Somebody Knows
Fargô – Family…
Fastlane Feat. Vante – No Smoke
Fastlane – Letter To Jdawg
Fat Trel – Makiyah
Flatbush Zombies – Trapped
Frost – Sbornia
Future, Nicki Minaj – Transformer
Gabriel Teodros – Summer Haze
Ge5Ive – Like Me
Gillateen – The Cube
Goatshhit – Pissed Off
Go Hard Feat. Shoddy Boi – Time Is Money
Graveyard Shifter – Zeta Villains
Gritty Mob – Pack Count
Gunplay Feat. G1 – Sniperz On The Roof
Hex Rated – Copy
Highclass Cali – Alot To Lose
H.O.B.O – Wack Rappers
Illingsworth – Call Me Now
Imperial Feat. James Gardin – Not Enough Hours In The Day
Ivy Sole – Bloom
Jak.Battery – To The Moon
Jamison Scott – Tactical Espionage
Jarv – The Pumpkin Patch
Javelin Dean Green – No Cry
Jayh – Rauw
Jb – Before My Very Eyes
J.G. Swayze – Pray
Johnny D – Free Game
Josh A & Iamjakehill – Rest In Pieces
K2A – Look At God
K.A.A.N & Bleverly Hills – Apologies
Kee Riche$ Feat. Sambo – Never Know
Kev Brown – Computer Stuff
Kevin Gates – Me Too
Kiing Shooter – Game Time
King Swift – Focusing
Knowmads – Complex Animals
Kraantje Pappie – Lil Craney
K. Sparks – Less Is More
Last Jazz Club – Buddha Funk
Layzie Bone – Mad World
Lb Bandman Feat. Tj – Ride With Me
Ldg Is Like – Hopeless Romantic
Les Anticipateurs – Chocolat
Lijpe – Nawoord
Lil B – By Any Means
Lil Deuce Mny Mtvtd – One Day, Everyday
Lil Gnar – Gnarcotic Gang
Lobe Feat. Mastah Melo – Talkin’ $hit
Logic – Ordinary Day
Ltl Trey – Good
Luis Diaz – Las Tres B
Luthorist Feat. Al-I – Race
Mac Mois – Like Mj
Madison Washington – Mutineer State Of Mind
Manny Litt – Not Just Anybody
Mark Steele – It’s Been A Minute
Mexa Klan – Mexaclan
Michayl Lox Feat. A.T.H – Positive Vibe Tribe
Mick Jenkins – Understood
Mike Stud – Sooner Or Later
M.M.M.F.D. – Killing Spree
Money Boy – Big Backwood
Money Man Feat. Bc Juney – No Feelings
Mumbles – Next Up
Mxna Lxsa – Tf You Thinking
Nalim – Evolve
Napoleon Da Legend – Moment Of Truth
Nathan Feagin – Stay Out
Nefew – Slow Motion
Nefew – Tattoo Tears
Neno Calvin – Big Dog
New Money – Foreign
Nexxt Step – This Is Me
Official Shottas – Pandora
Off-Rip – Family Business
Oral Bee – Sommer’n Er Vеr
Orphanboy Feat. Heathen – Blip
Outlaw Blok Hugger Boss – Poppin’ Where
Planet Asia – Fireworks
Precyce Politix – Pagers
Q.K – Future
Ralo Feat. Young Scooter – Never Too Late
Ramadon – Boss
Reason – Target
Reason – Thirst
Redangel – We Them
R.E.F. – My Season
Res One & Datkid – Slimey Dirtpit
Rexo Kwozo – Libary
Rico Nasty – Relative
Roadsart – The Jungle Rule
Rocky Badd – You Want Me
Roy Logan – Find My Way
Runway Richy – Take Off
Rza – Lock Your Doors
Saint Cyr – So Long
Sam The Kid – Arrisca
Savez – Blkn
Sax 5Th – Half A Mil
Seaport Royalty – Do What It Do
Sessions – Player’s Club
Sevin – Hopeless
Shakewell – Pemex
Shungu – Don’t Really Know
Skitz Kraven – Animal Hospital
Skitzo Silva Feat. Jukeboxx – God Only Knowz
Smokey Montana – Right Now
Sob X Rbe – Uber Wit A Dub
Sonnymoon – Ideas
Stoney Thraxton – Time Bomb
Supa – Racks On Me
Tee Grizzley – Activated
Tenacity – Possession Obsession
Tha God Fahim – What Is Life (Ft Jlvsn)
The Audible Doctor – The Blicky
Thee Phantom – Sweet Dreams
Tigermoth – New Rays
Timmytepp – Selfish
Tiny Boost Feat. K-Trap – Get It Gone
T-Jones – Born For Greatness
Tone Metoyer – The Process
Tragedy Khadafi – Ill Type
Trap Beckham – Catch The Drip
Trife Diesel – No End
Tru Da Produk – Want Ya Body
Ty 4 Thought – Nevamind Dat
Vl Deck – Here I Go
Warhol.Ss – With Ease
Wolphonics – Final Boss
Xiuhtezcatl – Break Free
Youngroka – Deep Thoughts
Young Thug – It’s A Slime
Zero – Head First